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Christina Hendricks: Actress by day, Web Shopper by Night!

We are madly girl-crushing on Christina Hendricks here at Lucky. What’s not to love about her? She’s proud of her curves, has the most fabulous hair color we’ve ever seen, and simultaneously scares the hell out of us and earns our empathy as Mad Men’s Joan (all while wearing clothes so chic we wish we could transport ourselves back straight back to the ’60s). As it turns out, Hendricks is as uniquely stylish off-screen as she is on, which made us think, ‘Hey, I want to shop where she’s shopping!’ She coolly cooperated and made it easy for us (and you) to crib her style. See below for her picks.

1.“Blackbird Design House is my best friend’s site. I love her jewelry. She makes this little gold wishbone necklace that I wear almost every day, and I’ve given them to a bunch of my girlfriends because they’re just really simple and elegant. They’re very personal—she’ll do custom work for people too, like special charms, so people seek her out to design pieces that no one else will have.”

Hand Knit Felted Bangles in Key Lime and Gray, $45

2. “I like Mary's Granddaughter for its unusual embroidered art. I don’t know how I found it—I was just perusing. I bought one piece for a friend of mine, and then bought another as a film-wrap gift for an actress that I had just worked with. It’s just kind of quirky and cool—it’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘Well, I know you don’t have this yet.’ It’s sort of whimsical, and has this old Americana folk art feel, but then it’s got this quirky carnival twist, too. And look at those little shadow boxes! They’re so weird and wonderful. I’m intrigued by the one in the old camera box.”

Brownie Girls Hand Embroidery Box, $155

3. “I had a personalized stamp made for my husband from Terbearco. He’s been doing a lot of baking and as sort of a joke gift, although I think it’s quite cool, I had a stamp made that says ‘Baked By Geoffrey.’ And I got him a bunch of bread bags so he can stamp them and give bread to people. It’s awesome.”

Custom Handmade Just For You Personalized Mounted Rubber Stamp Whimsical Bird, $24.99


4. “I look for Indian jewelry on eBay often. They have a lot of raw-cut rubies and diamonds and things that are just exquisitely beautiful. If you type in ‘Indian rose cut diamonds,’ really amazing jewelry will come up. I’ve bought several pieces. “

5. “I just started making my own homemade pickles. I bought a whole canning system on Amazon. It’s called Ball Home Canning Basics and it comes with six cans and the equipment. I just started doing this, but I did a spicy garlic pickle, and I was pretty happy with it. I’m going to start trying out new recipes.”


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