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Kate Middleton Day One: An Erdem Lace Shift

When you’ve got your own plane and six or seven hours to kill, you probably have a lot of time to decide what your next outfit will be (and a captive audience to weigh in). K-Midd deplaned in Canada in an entirely different look: a navy lace shift by (appropriately) Erdem Moralioglu, a Canadian designer. The nude pump is fitting, but it must be noted that, based on her leg sheen, she seems to be wearing sheer panyhose, which is pretty much not okay. However, she is certainly following a strict rulebook for her first official tour of a commonwealth country of which she will someday be queen, so she has to be super-appropriate (and it is a little late in the year for opaques). What other Canadian designers do you think she’ll wear over the next 11 days? Plus, get her look for less here:

From Clockwise: Eyelet dress, $248, lillypulitzer.com, Pearl lace dress, $836, Erdem at netaporter.com, Lace dress, $168, T Tahari at dillards.com, Lace shift dress, $103.43, French Connection at asos.com

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