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Kate Moss Wedding Dress Speculation

We've been wondering what top-mega-super-awesome-model Kate Moss will wear down the aisle for weeks now. Today, there is an apparent confirmation that she will take the plunge in a John Galliano gown. Well, that may be true and it may not; brides have been known to change their minds. But before this report came out and we were feverishly speculating, the team here challenged me to illustrate four bridal looks for the supermodel/muse/fashion icon. No pressure. My illustration skills are a bit rusty as I dropped out of design school before advanced classes but...here goes.

Exhibit A: Blushing Bridal Balmain

If there's a person in this world who can and should wear Balmain, it's Kate Moss. Her attitude, her style, her walk, her very glance screams, "Balmain.” My version has the strong shoulder pads, plunging neckline and frayed edges—hallmarks of the brand and finished, of course, with a bridal edition buckle boot.

Option 2: An Elegant Affair

Carolyn Bessette’s sleek Narciso Rodriquez gown for her 1996 wedding to John F. Kennedy Jr. is still a touchstone of bridal elegance and proof that simple, elegant and understated can often speak the loudest. To that end, we'd love to see Kate Moss walk the runway-- whoops, aisle-- in a classic column. I put in a few Moss-esque details--a buckle on the shoulder strap and an "I'm still Kate Moss" level slit.

Choice 3: Shorty Gettin' Married

True, there have been some pretty awful short wedding dresses in the past and there's always that age old question of, "How much leg can I get away with in church?" But, come on! She has the stems and she's used to rolling down runways in next-to-nothing, over-the-top creations and shoes that stretch to another climate. Add a nice lace train and she's a go.

Ensemble the Fourth:

When it comes to iconic wedding looks, Bianca Jagger is pretty up there in her famous YSL suit. Non-traditional, yes, but we're still talking about it today, so clearly she did something right. When you think of Kate Moss, non-traditional is an adjective that comes to mind, so who knows, maybe she'll strut to the altar in a stunning YSL suit.

Whatever Ms. Moss decides to wear, we know it's going to be pretty spectacular whether it's David's Bridal, Galliano or Lanvin. At the end of the day, it's the bride that wears the dress...and nobody wears clothes like Kate Moss.

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