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Rosie O’Donnell on Beauty, Glee and Going Back to TV

Francesco Clark, the super-inspiring founder of Clark's Botanicals and author of Walking Papers, started his truly amazing skincare line (okay, skincare plus some pretty incredible lip glosses) out of necessity. In search of a treatment for his chronically irritated skin (a side effect of losing the ability to both walk and sweat after a tragic diving accident), Clark began developing all-natural, botanically derived solutions of his own. Not only will Francesco be guest-blogging for us all week (he's interviewing everyone from Rosie to Peter Som), but this month only, Clarksbotanicals.com is offering an exclusive 35 percent off to Lucky readers with the code "LUCKYBREAKS2".


When I first met Rosie O’Donnell we kind of just clicked. She was doing a reading with Nora Ephron (Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally) at the Giorgio Armani boutique on Madison Avenue. The two of them captivated the room immediately: It wasn’t their makeup. It wasn’t their hair. It was their dynamic. Then I met Rosie, which was kind of major. She cracked a joke, sat down next to my wheelchair and asked me: “So, does Viagra work?” I thought that was the joke, but then she asked it again, and as my face turned from red to white to red to “huuuuuh?” all I could muster was: “I’ve never had a need for it, Rosie!” Bam. Since then, we’ve been friends. Rosie, me, Viagra. Who’d have thought?

We had a conversation about beauty this week—her responses are in her own haiku prose:

Francesco: Okay, so when we first met, you were very glamorous. It was “Fashion’s Night Out.” Since then, we’ve hung out in less-formal settings, and I have to say you are just as at ease in a designer outfit, with your makeup artist and hairstylist making you glam, as you are in your casual wear at home. How do you define beauty for yourself?

Rosie: i have no idea
i think when i am in hair and make up - i feel more like a character
not a real person
for me
no make up - jeans a t shirt is when all r most beautiful
real works for me

Francesco: What did you view as beautiful when you were 16, and how has that changed today?

Rosie: beauty is ...
a child laughing
the beach on a sunny day
a smile from a stranger
a dolphin in the wake of my boat

somehow i think u mean looks ? right ?
ok the first time i remember being conscious of someone’s physical
was 1972 - when i was 10 - and i saw "whats up doc"

streisand was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen
long straight blondish hair
so real - authentic - she glowed

so my beauty high water mark at 16
is the same now

streisand = beauty 2 me

Francesco: I know you know Glee as well as I do, which Twitter can attest to. What sparks your interest in that show?

Rosie: it is just brilliant
the writing - the casting - ryan and brad who thought it up
the production numbers - the story lines - the character development
it inspires me so much
i feel it has saved musical theater in many ways
so many broadway stars get to shine on that show - in ways no other show ever has allowed

i tivo it
i watch with my children
i buy the dvds
i go to the summer concert tour
i adore that show
so so much

its a show that makes me proud to be an entertainer
(as silly as that sounds)

Francesco: Would you ever consider going on Glee as a guest? Would you dance and sing?

Rosie: dear god yes
in a minute
i love that show

i would love to play laurens mom

Francesco: Your new show on OWN is already a hit, and everyone is excited to see you back on TV. Having worked from home doing Rosie Radio, how is the transition going for you?

Rosie: getting ready
it feels like i am going away to college
like i am again a teen
wondering who will be there
how it will feel
will they like

i have loved radio
and am ready to go back to tv

being on OWN is an honor
we start in september -
air in october
i am very excited

Francesco: What is the best part and hardest part of being a mother for you? I love how you incorporate your kids’ comments in your tweets on Lady Gaga’s videos. You get cool mom points for watching that with them.

Rosie: best parts -
the connection
the meaning
the unconditional love

worst parts
navigating the teen years

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