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The Top Five Clothing Items You Need to Keep at Your Office by Kat Griffin of Corporette

Founder and editor of corporette.com Kat Griffin helps her readers dress stylishly (yet appropriately) for work. Stay tuned all week here at Lucky Right Now, where this former lawyer will be guest-blogging about everything from her current office-girl obsessions to her favorite 9-to-5 fashion tips.

What you wear on a daily basis can vary depending on your office, as well as what kind of day you have planned. Sometimes you'll find that your day is bigger than you originally planned--you thought you'd be sitting in front of a computer and instead you're called into a one-on-one chat with your boss. Sometimes you'll find that your outfit is distracting you--for example, you keep worrying in the meeting that your top will gape open, or you can't focus on your project because the aggressive air conditioning makes you feel like you're in Antarctica. Just keep these five simple items at the office and you'll almost always be prepared.

1. A blazer. I think a close-fitting, classically shaped blazer in a neutral color (black, maybe white for the summer, maybe beige if you wear a lot of brown) can correct so many professional wardrobe gaffes that it's a crime not to keep one in your office--it's perfect for those days when you get a last-minute call to have a meeting with the boss or a lunch with the big client. I love the look of this Elizabeth and James Shrunken Elizabeth Blazer.

Elizabeth and James Shrunken Elizabeth Blazer, $395, piperlime.com

2. Comfortable, professional, neutral heels. Sometimes it's fine to wear sandals to the office, and other times it's fine to teeter around in I-need-to-break-these-suckers-in heels. But if you get called to a business lunch or an office-related cocktail party unexpectedly, the last thing you want is to be worrying about your footwear. Keep a basic pump (again, I like black, but a nude tone is great for the summer--I also find that purple pumps are surprisingly versatile!) that you love at your desk. A perennial reader favorite on Corporette is the Cole Haan Air Talia Pump. Check out the Corporette Guide to Comfortable Heels--we've talked about this issue a lot!

Cole Haan Air Talia Pump, $198, zappos.com

3. A camisole. Maybe this is just my luck, but it often seems like whenever I've decided to try out a new blouse or dress for the office, I've gotten an unwelcome surprise--usually involving a moment of me glancing down and realizing I can see far too much of my bra. A super-basic camisole can help you fix this problem far better than repurposed office supplies can--my favorite camisoles are without lace or any other lingerie-type details, such as the ones at Old Navy.

Jersey cami, $6, oldnavy.com

4. A cardigan. Even though a cardigan has limited uses (it can get bunchy if sleeves are involved, might not look great over a dress, and might look odd under a blazer), it is still one of those must-wear-daily items for people like me who are always waaaay too cold. Lately, I've kept boyfriend styles at the office, but a close-fitting silk one is always great. For a classic shape, check out Tory Burch's Simone cardigan.

Tory Burch "Simone" Cardigan, $225, nordstrom.com

5. A wrap. I know: the pashmina-crazed days of the late '90s are long gone. But I still think a wrap is indispensable for the office. In addition to being a bit more versatile than a cardigan (throw it on over a dress! over a blazer!), in the event that you're cold, you can also use it as a lap blanket for when you're sitting down in a skirt. You can also fold it up and use it as a pillow for a power nap, or even add some color to your space by throwing it over a visitor's chair in a decorative way.

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