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What to Wear to the Glastonbury Music Festival

Time to get your Glastonbury on! For those not familiar, consider it English equivalent of Coachella: this year’s lineup includes so many great artists, including Warpaint, the Kills, Esben and the Witch, and the Wu Tang Clan. Plus, all of our favorite London It girls will be there (Emma, Kate and Alexa)—which means the style is sure to be as awesome as the music. And while I may not be a native, I do have the Brit thing down. So even if you’re not flying into Heathrow for a major summer jam sesh, you can still look the part with the following pieces.

photo credit: Getty Images

Cutoff Shorts

When I picture Kate Moss (can you believe she’s getting hitched?), I either see images of her naked--in an artful Testino way--or in a pair of the shortest cutoffs possible. As it turns out, no girl goes to a festival without a pair of these—every female concertgoer and artist would concur.

Levi’s cuttoffs, $185, Revolveclothing.com

Rain Boots

You may want to consider that London tends to get precipitation. A lot of it. Which is why you’ll need combative footwear. I checked my weather.com iPhone app and the outlook is grim. And since everyone will be wearing the same pair of standard-issue wellies, go against the grain with these from L.L. Bean.

Bean Boots, L.L. Bean, $85, Llbean.com

Rocker-ish Tee

These Raquel Allegra shredded tops are really cool—I promise. And yes, you could probably make one yourself, but who has the time?

Raquel Allegra shred tee, $235, Netaporter.com

The Bag

I once spilled an entire glass of red wine on this bag and it just dripped right off, leaving NO STAIN. I swear—there are several witnesses. So if you think this could happen to you, invest in some Barbour. The pockets and compartments are meant to carry bullets and small hunting gear, but I use them to stash my phone and passport.

Cotton Canvas Cartridge Bag, $100, Expeditionexchange.com

The Bling

This last piece gives a sort of “I don’t take fashion too seriously” kind of vibe to the outfit. I’ve been wearing my friend’s nameplate necklace (thank you, Reece Solomon of Reece Hudson) for nearly a year now, so it’s high time I invest in my own delightfully tacky form of a name tag.

Custom Name Plate Necklace, Patricia Field, $225, Patriciafield.com

It’s too bad that I’ll be staying in Brooklyn this weekend taking care of business. But tell the UK I say hello and cheers!

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