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YAZ For Topshop And Other Fashionable Methods Of Contraception

When my intern handed me this teal receipt holder that they were giving away at Topshop I was like, “homegirl, have you been rummaging in my purse?!” The resemblance between these two rectangular, meant-for-holding- something-small-and-flat accessories cannot be overlooked. It’s as if the pharmaceutical company sold its overstock to Topshop. Or could it be that, just when we thought the whole designer collaboration trend had gone as far as it could, there’s a whole new level. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for Topshop?

I’m obviously kidding, but on a far more real note the fashion industry really does support methods of contraception and the planning of parenthood—and we here at Lucky think that is really rad. Planned Parenthood launched the Proper Attire campaign and their tag slogan is “proper attire required for entry.” Sexy! The campaign targets women, of course, so they no longer have to suffer through unglamorous condoms—which, after all should always be in style. The proceeds benefit the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. All of the cool designers are “doing it” (ha!): Alexander Wang, for example, is making extra large and even studded! There are Charlotte Ronson colored condoms, options from Jeremy Scott, Yigal Azrouel, and even Keith Haring (RIP) for Opening Ceremony. Vena Cava gave trendy condoms away at their last fashion show and I scored a few boxes. Their design strategy involved several hilarious synonyms for “rubbers” and “making love” many of which are probably too inappropriate for our readership, but since I’ve already taken it this far why not just use it in a sentence? “Hey honey, would you mind grabbing my Vena Cava penis hat on your way into the bedroom? No glove, no love.”

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