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Fab.com: My Apartment's Cyber Lover

My apartment is shy, pale and very underdressed. The apple of its eye is well mannered, refined and has everything my apartment could ask for. Once they were introduced, it was chemical, like when you put the perfect amount of ketchup on your fries.

I will now step off this path before you think I'm crazy. Rest assured, I don't talk to my apartment and it doesn't have dates. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Katie Evans tipped me off to a site called Fab.com. I dismissed it as yet another social media platform to spread myself on and didn't give it another thought. Some time later, I saw an ad for Fab.com on facebook and decided to click.

Eureka! It was another Gilt-modeled shopping site full designy stuff. However, unlike cult classic One Kings Lane, this had products a twenty-five year old could use...and more to the point, afford. Think more "first apartment budget" than "welcome to my 68,000 sq. the helipad is out back". It's been one week and I've already picked up a few things (see the mod clocks below). And I'm not so broke that I'll have to survive ramen and pizza by the slice for the next week. Although, I do love a good pizza.

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