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Glee's Amber Riley Is Really Nice, But She Made Me Cry

I am not ashamed to admit that I often tear up while watching Glee—partly because of the amazing talent of the actors (Mercedes singing Try A Little Tenderness? Puh-lease), and partly because the story lines touch on incredibly important issues. And the latter must have had some effect on actress Amber Riley, because she recently teamed up with Secret’s Mean Stinks program, a forum for dealing with bullying (a subject addressed frequently on the show) that also helps raise funds to put an end to it—$1 from every purchase of Secret Clinical Strength goes toward Pacer’s National Anti-Bullying Campaign. “I have so many girls who send me letters and ask me advice all the time about bullying. This initiative is really important because it gives girls a community to rely on,” says Riley. Given her new partnership, I can take a guess at what keeps her fresh—shall we say—on set all day. But I insisted on the other essentials that keep her looking so gorgeous and feeling good:

1. I have a very strict skincare routine—Kate Somerville’s products have totally transformed my skin. I wear tons of makeup on set every day so it’s important to sort of detox. I wash my face every night, moisturize every night, and I use this anti-bacterial cream underneath my moisturizer in the morning.

2. I always have some sort of sponge or brush on me at all times that helps keep my skin matte, so I don’t look too shiny. The beauty blender, which looks like a cute, pink egg, is my favorite. I use it to put on a bit of mineral powder throughout the day.

3. I’ve picked up so many tips from my makeup artist, Mylah Morales—like wearing lipstick! I never wore it before, because I felt like it was for old ladies. She put this beautiful fuschia color on me for the SAG Awards and I got so many compliments. Ever since then, I’ve been wearing lipstick all the time. My favorites are from CoverGirl. They go on so smooth and really stay.

4. Believe it or not, I drink 5 Hour Energies! I started drinking them when I was on tour and really liked it because it made me feel super-energized, like a mini boost, but not jittery at all. I only drink them on tour, though. On set I try to stay away from junk food or oily foods because those can really slow you down. I eat a lot of sushi because it’s healthy and not oily or fried. I have to watch what I eat because it’s not like I can go out for a quick run to get my energy up!

5. My lips seem to get dry no matter what the season, so l always have my menthol lip with me. It’s a lip gloss that is really moisturizing.

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