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How to Look Like You Were in the Hamptons/Fire Island/Fantasy Island/Any Island Too…

One of my favorite activities during the summer is eavesdropping—actually, it’s more like a year-round thing—and I pick up a lot of conversations about people’s beachside summer shares, and how awful it is to return to Manhattan for the week. They wear their tans like a badge of honor (or privilege). Since I am whole-heartedly against tanning, I make do with gradual self tanner and bronzer so I too can look like I’ve been kicking it on the boat of a friend of a friend who’s dad is famous instead of navigating Brooklyn’s various subway service advisories. Absolutely nothing beats this powder from Guerlain—the mosaic of shimmering and matte shades of soft bronze, light pink, warm honey, and tawny brown look incredibly natural and glowy, even on my pale skin.

Now, excuse me while I read a book while wearing my oversize hat in the shade of a skyscraper.

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