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I Love the 80s (Revival)!

Ohhh, the eighties. The decade of excess! Or so I can only imagine, since I missed all the right stuff. Being born in 1985 means my eighties consisted mainly of Carebears, The Yum Yums, Rafi, and The Smurfs. Yes, there were lots of trippy bright colors and my pal “Baby Beluga,” but still, as far I’m concerned, the real gems really passed me by. I had bedazzled white Keds, dabbled in the occasional side pony, and was strangely obsessed with Jane Fonda’s workout videos, but totally missed out on gnarly acid-washed denim, piled-on Madonna bangles, Thriller, “Dynasty” and John Cusack in his prime.

But, as the The Frisky’s piece on stellar 80s revival jewelry reminded me, there’s no time like the present to go back to the past. And right now, the past is everywhere. Eighties-inspired trends—from polka dots and neon to killer shoulders and billowing trousers—are everywhere, and this time, I will not be missing out. 

So, hop into the Delorean and see below for my favorite revival pieces. And be sure to check out The Frisky’s “Etsy Spotlight: Awesome ‘80s Jewelry” here.

Photo credit: 2011© TCFC


clockwise from left: Aqua Enil open back dress with shoulder pads, $232.73, asos.com; stretch floral lace bodysuit, $38, americanapparel.net; solid neon hair tie set, $45, shopbop.com; Theyskens's Theory wide-leg pant, $575, bergdorfgoodman.com; denim vest, $98, jcrew.com; Champion canvas slip on, $35, keds.com; Cambridge small neon satchel, $128, urbanoutfitters.com

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