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Look Slimmer in Seconds! (Self-Tanning DIY)

While there's no pill to instantly make someone look slimmer and younger, there is self-tanner, which drastically minimizes exhaustion, undereye bags, blotchy skin and cellulite. A good self-tan makes bathing-suit shopping about 10 million times less torturous. Here, how to do it with the least agita/angst/hassle:

  1. The exfoliation step isn't so critical. A shower and towelling-off should do it for most people.
  2. Tinted self-tanner makes the whole endeavor about nine hundred times easier--you can see the spots you missed.
  3. Lotion—any old lotion, though a nice-smelling one is an extra bonus—applied to drier areas, like your feet, elbows and knees, makes streaks and blotches much less likely. You can apply it before the tanner—or after, if you forget. Either way works.
  4. Spend the majority of your effort on blending.
  5. Your feet are the biggest challenge and probably the one area that you might want to think about really exfoliating. Beyond that, the lotion step mentioned in #3 is critical. If you forget, put the lotion on immediately after the self-tanner.
  6. Wash your hands when you're through, then put a blob of tanner on the back of one hand and rub the backs of your hands together.
  7. Ignore the instructions about not getting dressed. Put on some dark-colored clothes and go about your business. Who wants to sit around in the bathroom naked, shivering and feeling ridiculous?
  8. If your tan has to be perfect, do it a few days before it's going to be on display, and come back in the next day to fix any mistakes.

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how to
how to