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Perlier Thai Coco: The Shower Gel That Smells Amazing and Makes Me Insanely Happy

I could live in the shower. Not the bath. The shower. (I get overheated in baths and then I start sweating. I also get bored just sitting there. I sit at a desk at work, why do I need to come home and do the same thing in a tub?) My favorite part of the whole water-pouring-down-over-my-body-enveloping-me-in-a-cocoon-of-steam process? Having the perfect shower gel. I love suds and bubbles and a lather so thick I can hardly make out my nude body underneath the heaps of foam. I pour loads onto my loofa (even if the directions say I only need a touch), and I massage it over my shoulders, my stomach, my legs, and my feet. I’ve found that this stuff is the most heavenly of all. Perlier Thai Coco Shower Gel smells like a tropical fantasy (hints of the sea and ripe exotic fruits, mm!), it’s a beautiful lime–green color (which is so appropriate for a bath, for some reason), it’s super hydrating, and oh, how it lathers.

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