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Style Session: Brit Marling

From oxford shoes to harem pants and Balenciaga dresses, the buzz-worthy star/screenwriter/producer of the innovative indie, Another Earth, is as fashion savvy as she is book smart.

You probably don’t know Brit Marling yet—but she’s about to be everywhere, and for deservedly so. The Georgetown grad and one-time Goldman Sachs prospect turned actress is winning rave reviews for her breakout performances in the indies Another Earth (opening this Friday) and Sound of My Voice (out next year). Neither project is typical Hollywood fare, that’s for sure. Another Earth juxtaposes a young girl’s (Marling as Rhoda) journey as she tries to make amends for her role in a fatal car accident, with a sci-fi storyline in which, one day out of the blue, a second earth suddenly appears in the sky. In Sound of My Voice, she plays Maggie, a cult leader who believes she’s from the future. Marling has had her share of fawning articles written about her (check out the The New York Times profile which likens her to a “’Manhattan’-era Meryl Streep crossed with a California surfer girl”) and has turned up on the red carpet in Balenciaga and Preen frocks (she’s wearing a blue Louis Vuitton dress for today’s press day). We asked her how she’s dealing with her newfound celebrity, and of course, where she shops (this is Lucky, after all).


After the Sundance Film Festival, you were anointed an “It Girl,” along with actresses like Elizabeth Olsen and Felicity Jones. How do you feel about that?
You know, its tricky because the expression “it girl” is sort of a double-edged sword, because if you are “it” now, then you will not be “it” later. I mean, I hope to be doing this for a very long time. You are always trying to get farther deeper into what you do, so I hope it is not as temporary as the title. But it has been an amazing thing to see these films, made by small tribes of people totally outside the system, enter the mainstream and move people.

Are you ready for all the attention?

You know, I don’t know, can one be ready for these kinds of things? As an actor you work so hard on creating an illusion, and something that is so other than yourself, that you lose yourself completely. And of course, the other side of that is how to be yourself when your job description is to be other people. So far I’m trying to have fun and not take any of it too seriously. It’s a bit like playing dress up, putting on your mom’s heels and lipstick.

For actresses these days, being a fashion role model has almost become a job requirement. Are you embracing that?
I’ve always been more of a tomboy, but I am having fun with that part. And certainly, I think there is so much to admire in fashion, especially in terms of people who really have an original sense of style and are not just following trends, but making them. I went to see the McQueen exhibit—how stunning! I love this one quote of his, “I want to empower women, I want people to be afraid of the woman that I dress.” That is so beautiful! And I love the way his clothes are like nature, I mean, one piece was like a bird. That part of fashion is so exciting to me—the transformative part—because you do that for characters too. Like, Rhoda from Another Earth doesn’t dress anything like I do. So the red carpet can be a place to transform.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’ve always dressed a bit differently, a bit androgynously, I always loved boy’s clothes: the color and cut of them. I love the way Katherine Hepburn dressed; I love the severity of it. It’s funny, all of the people I am thinking about are from the past, I don’t know why. But maybe people in the future will look back to now and think about the actresses of our time like “Oh that person was so iconic.” This is my least tomboy attire, like I should’ve said that rolling in oxford shoes, a blazer, and a tie. I guess I like to go back and forth between extremely masculine and extremely feminine.

Where do you shop?
I am really big on vintage clothes. There a couple places in LA and New York that I love to go. You really feel you’re finding something that nobody has. That is very cool, and then pairing it with things from this world. I am into the harem pants right now, with like men’s shoes and a t-shirt—it’s almost like a uniform that I wear everywhere. It’s comfortable, its casual, and it’s also slightly different than jeans. I am not a big jeans girl, mostly because I don’t find them that comfortable.

Any specific boutiques you can recommend?
In LA, there is a good place called The Way We Wore. In New York, Amarcord  always has strange little finds in it. And then I love going to flea markets and thrift stores and finding the random, odd cashmere sweater or strange skirt.

View the “Another Earth” trailer and get more info on the movie here.

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