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The 2 Best Spa Treatments in Miami

Forget the heat, the humidity, the nonstop thunderstorms. It's Miami Spa Month: through August 31st, the city's spas are offering major deals. Here, the two to get:

1) The Restorative Massage at the five-star Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key, in one of the VIP treatment suites overlooking the bay. I went yesterday and my therapist, Lee, gave me the most heavenly massage with a clove-and-lavender body oil, instantly fixing the shoulder I'd hurt in yoga class.

2) The Turkish Hamam Spa Ritual at The Standard. You start with a 45-minute massage. Then you lie on delicious heated marble while a therapist rubs you all over with coconut milk and an exfoliating scrub, and rinses you clean with pitchers of warm water. Ask my friends -- I'm obsessed. One treatment you cannot (repeat: cannot) go wrong with.

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