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Where To Get a Painless Bikini Wax (And Go Shopping Afterwards)

The dark, downtown bunker vibe of Strip Ministry of Wax had me a little concerned at first. Did I really want to get a bikini wax to the beats of Swedish house music on a slim, black bed? Yes. Yes I did. Because it was the most painless thing ever. They now have an extra-sensitive strawberry wax that smells surprisingly good—which, I guess is a positive—and they gave me a tiny, plastic gorilla (the mascot) to squeeze. Also, something I found super helpful: the technician instructed when to inhale and exhale for optimal comfort during…the stripping. And, as if the experience weren’t already awesome enough, it is right in the thick of Soho shopping. I picked up a pain au chocolat at Balthazar and then spotted Kim Gordon at Madewell while buying jeans. It was a good day.

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