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Nars Écume: Why It’s the Best White Nail Polish In The World

Remember how in 8th grade it was cool to paint your nails with whiteout? And then remember how you’d come home from school and your mom would have a conniption fit because you were essentially shellacking your pre-teen fingernails with toxic paste?

These days I take pains to live a healthy life—and thus no longer whiteout my nails…but I miss it. I really miss it! I want a lacquer that’s unmistakably, all-encompassingly Elmer’s Glue white. Impostor white polishes—you know, they might have names like Cumulus, or Pristine Vanilla, or, most vexingly, White, make you look like you’ve just finished an arts and crafts project and have yet to rinse off the crusted residue. But at last I’ve found a worthy replacement—NARS Écume is the alabaster of my dreams. It’s white as coconut milk and beautifully smooth. And the name Écume!

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