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90210’s Gillian Zinser’s $2 Hair Trick

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It used to be you didn’t want people to know you dyed your hair. But now, it’s not just the brighter the better, it’s the more outrageously un-natural looking the more bad-ass. All the cool girls have done it: Dree Hemingway got strands of soft punk-rock pink throughout, Kate Bosworth went with Jolly-Rancher blue tips, and Rachel McAdams—usually more manicured than hipster—also did pink. Brunettes rock the look just as hard—the garish colors are surprisingly just as amazingly-garish on darker hair. Taryn Manning went for tie-dyed with red, pink, blue, and green; all swept into a braid to The Perfect Age of Rock ‘N ‘Roll screening in LA. It was the awesomest braid I will ever see—all the colors intertwined like that. Gorgeous. Even Coco Arquette (Courtney Cox and David Arquette’s 7-year old daughter) got purple and blue streaks.

It’s not just fancy salon work, either: 90210’s Gillian Zinser (my number one girl crush right now) takes a highlighter—hot pink, neon green, electric blue, whatever!—and simply draws on her hair with it. “They’re easy, come in every color, and wash out with one shampoo,” says Zinser. “They really add something to your look.” In other words, if you’re poised for a night out and your outfit needs that extra pop, this is the ultimate secret weapon.


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