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A Wet, Hot, Incredibly Modest Summer


Photo credit: Lacey Terrell/HBO

How I live for summer…the thigh-skimming skirts, the clavicle-exposing tanks, the itsy filmy dresses…the…starched long-sleeved blouses? While it is indeed the season of the scantily-clad, this summer I’ve found inspiration in just the opposite. Lately, I’ve had a lot of very big love for Nicolette Grant, the character played by the ever-inspiring Chloe Sevigny on Big Love, HBO’s hit sister-wife centric show (again, with my Netflix problem).

Something about Nicki’s severely demure wardrobe—the dusty floral patters, the harshly buttoned-up tops, the extra extra extra long hemlines, and even the fusty trademark pompadour-braid hybrid she sports so well—has really infiltrated my summer steez. I’ve found myself trading in short shorts, sundresses and sandals for ankle-length accordion skirts, structured button downs, ultra-prim dresses and old-school sneakers. Entirely unsexy? Perhaps. But ultimately—and maybe it’s the 19th century schoolmarm in me talking—but a bit of tradition and a touch of conservatism actually feels entirely fresh. Check out some of my favorite modest staples below, and see more tips on dressing demurely from Asma of hautemuslimah.com, one of our Lucky Style Collective members.


Whit Marqaux dress, $195, stevenalan.com

See By Chloe neck tie blouse, $370, otteny.com

nine 3 two shirred maxi skirt, $39.97, Nordstrom.com

Jack Purcells, $50, converse.com

Warehouse ditsy print blouse, $65.51, asos.com

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