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Brian Atwood is Engaged!

Photo courtesy of Brian Atwood

Shoe designer Brian Atwood is delightful; he’s got a lovely smile and a great sense of humor, and he does completely charming things like introduce you to his mom when he’s showing you his latest collection (which is what happened the first time I met him). Now that the happy news came out that he’s engaged to his love, Dr. Jake Deutsch, we decided to salute him by showcasing our five favorite Brian Atwood shoes...on sale!

Patent “Terry” shoe boots, $447.50, Brian Atwood, at footcandyshoes.com


Platform sandals, $195, Brian Atwood, at yoox.com


Patent leather “Milena” slingback heels, $397.50, Brian Atwood, at footcandyshoes.com


Patent leather "Martina" platform pumps, $273.99, Brian Atwood, at saksfifthavenue.com


Patent leather “Divine” sandals, $239.99, Brian Atwood, at saksfifthavenue.com


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