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30 Day Shoe Challenge: Day Three

I had appointments at a few showrooms this morning so I chose reasonable shoes. My black Balenciaga wedges are only two inches high--I could probably do a marathon in them. I bought them at a Barneys sale back in 2004, and continue to wear them regularly. They go with everything and actually make my slightly-too-short shorts demure. Cost per wear? I'm no math genius, but I'd say these were well worth it. Check 'em here, plus a few shoppable options!

Leather "Arena" wedge sandals, $580, Balenciaga, at bluefly.com

Platform "Hareem" wedge sandals, $62.06, at us.asos.com

Mini wedge "Syd" sandals, $133, Matiko, at revolveclothing.com

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online shopping