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Exclusive: Louise Roe Walks Us Through Her HSN Collection

Tanya Ski Ponte Pant, $59.90

"We've had jodhpurs and jeggings...one day—ping! I had the idea to make a ski pant, like those effortlessly chic Bond girls in The Spy Who Loved Me. The stitching replicates knee pads, there's a zipper on the ankle to make them flares if you wish, and the top is fastened by a rear zip so that your tummy—instead of being exaggerated by a bulky fly zipper—is actually flattened."

Louise Roe certainly has a knack for dressing nicely. Her underrated CW reality show, Plain Jane, called for the British presenter to make ducklings into swans. She pulled it off with aplomb (and without being nasty).

Now, the up-and-comer is using her fashion know-how to design a collection for HSN, available in September. Roe gave us a sneak peek of the line, explaining in detail the how and why of every piece. Click through to peep the look book and get her take.

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