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Best Hair Trick Ever (Even Better Than Feather Extensions!)

I like birds, and I usually like colorful accoutrements that hang off me, but there’s something about feathers in my hair that doesn’t thrill me. And that something is that everyone and their dog (yes, I’ve seen dogs with clip-on feather extensions) is rocking them. I am substituting a hair wrap—the kind that your camp counselor used to stitch into your hair growing up—for feathers. And you can do it yourself and you can do it at home. Separate a strand of hair and make a very-fine braid. Take yarn or macramé or thread—the kind you’d make a bracelet out of—and weave it around the tiny braid in a simple over-under knotted stitch. The more elaborate the stitch, the cooler the wrap, but a simple weave is also striking. I added a few colored beads and stones to mine - very Proenza Schouler Autumn/Winter 2011.

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