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How a Bed Bug Scare Made Me Reassess My Wardrobe

My bed!

Remember the time that you saw a piece of fluff and packed up your entire life into garbage bags (double bagged) and awaited a team of bedbug sniffing dogs to show up? That was me yesterday. I preemptively bought a new mattress, which is sort of great, but expensive. And now I have to unpack more clothing than a Barneys Warehouse sale. I loathe unpacking a mere weekend bag, so the task ahead is daunting in away that I can't even describe.

But seriously: I thought I was going to have to throw out my new Prada boots, my vintage t-shirt collection, a Lanvin silk dress, my Levis and some other things that I've been wearing on the reg since I was a kid that are too painful to even type out. Not to get all "end of a Sexy and the City episode" on you, but "it got me thinking." Would I be irrationally devastated if I had to discard a wardrobe that has been accumulating at an alarming rate for 27 years? As silly as it may be, I'm attached to these things. And what a waste! When I lose something nice I like to think that it might make someone's day if they find it. Or when I buy something that I hate, I sell it to a consignment shop for a bit of cash and hope that it finds a happier home than I could give it. But trashing all of that nice stuff? Ouch. Right?

Needless to say, this was an earth shattering false alarm. A fashion editor's worst nightmare. Plus, I still feel itchy. But after being faced with the harsh reality of having to part with it, I'm rekindling my love with my closet. It's been my longest relationship by far. When was the last time you did something spontaneous for the closet you love and cherish? That's right Closet--you heard me--I am going to Californian-ize you. My treat.

Click here to buy my latest obsession, which I really didn't like the idea of throwing out just days after purchasing. Am I being too materialistic? Do I need to let go of some things? I don't know, man. I really like my stuff. Is anyone with me? What would you hate losing?

Oh and sidenote (because I always have one): Max the bedbug-sniffing dog was adorable.

Charles Anastase t-shirt dress, $620, Openingceremony.com

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