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I Wear Pajamas to Work (Shhhh!)

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Sometimes, I really don’t feel like getting dressed. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, and I really love a great outfit, but there are some days when the thought of THINKING about clothes and ASSEMBLING a great outfit is more than my brain on five hours of sleep can handle (I have a Netflix “watch instantly” issue, not excessive partying habits). On weekends it’s cool, because I can always throw on my college track shorts and gross Fruit of the Loom v-neck and fake like I plan on going to the gym at some point while I instead see Friends with Benefits and drink Corona Lights on my friend’s roof. But, it’s on those pesky week days—the ones where I have to go to work and remind myself that I’m kind of a grownup--when I feel the need to look not only presentable, but relatively cute (I do work at a fashion magazine, after all). Consequently, I’ve dedicated a solid fraction of my wardrobe to legitimate and even adorable pieces that, in terms of wearability, are little more than glorified pajamas.
So, when WashU-emblazoned gear and little boy undershirts simply do not cut it and I need to (half) step it up, I turn to the following to fully conceal my sartorial laziness. See here for my favorite clothes that barely cut it, and click for even more options from our friends at The Frisky.

Silky and capacious, this flattering maxi is secretly more tent than skirt, and a real dream to slip into. Great with a super-soft, equally-non-constraining tee, like the one below.

Long accordion-pleat skirt, $62, americanapparel.com


So soft, you probably will actually end up sleeping in it.

Kain classic v-neck t-shirt, $92, ronherman.com


Comfy and roomy, with a tie that adds the right touch of tailoring, the below shorts are also sufficient notch-above-casual brunch attire.

7 For All Mankind drapey rayon short, $108.50, Bloomingdales.com


A giant man’s pajama shirt magically packaged as a sleekly-tailored separate. I could--and kind of do--live in this.

Equipment signature blouse, $208, shopbop.com

Add your comfiest flats and--wa LAH!--an outfit.

Tsumori Chisato belted shirt dress, $360, openingceremony.us


What’s the difference between these and slippers? Nothing, except that these are called moccasins.

Minnetonka moccasins, $49, zappos.com


When in doubt, throw a slouchy, striped sweater over it. With a touch of metallic, this one (just) passes as refined.

Vince metallic stripe pullover, $275, barneys.com

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