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Manliest Shower Ever, Revisited

I love menswear, I love men’s beauty products—I guess I just love men (most of the time). Whether I love them or not, I have absolutely no qualms about borrowing from the boys. It’s cuter on me anyways, duh!

I know a boy who smells very sexy and nice so I had to ask. Dior Homme deodorant—rappers from Greenpoint are so fancy! I don’t know how just a deodorant can make someone smell so dreamy, but it does. Dudes and chicks alike should toss out their [insert name of crappy deodorant here] and sex it up—I mean step it up.

Dior Homme deodorant stick, $36, cosmeticmall.com

I like a good old-school men’s shaving cream. The women’s ones are fruity and floral—not that there’s anything wrong with that—but it’s not my style. Readers, to me, you girls are just like the Gilette slogan goes; “the best a man can get.” The new one has cocoa butter and aloe—yum—how very manly. Ha!

Gilette fusion pro-glide razor, $9.89, Target.com

Rumor has it that this fragrance was really meant to smell like…something illegal. I bought it because the name reminds me of something Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell’s fictitious character) might wear. And it’s controversial and I actually do like the scent. Plus when it comes to women, men, lipstick and even movie directing Tom Ford is pretty much the man.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, $195, Bergdorfgoodman.com

Call me old-fashioned, but to me being “zestfully” clean means bar soap—not shower gel. I know another boy that smells like Irish Spring and he smells pretty dreamy too. Plus, this scent stays on your clothes and on your pillow case (I’m a night shower-er) and lasts and lasts. So yeah, this and Lever 2000 both smell like boys in a very good way.

Irish spring bar soap, $11.75, Amazon.com

Am I totally weird or do some men’s products smell way better than the ones we’re “supposed” to be using? Which men’s products do you love?

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