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Men In Heels: It’s Still Happening...in Our Own Backyard

Anyone who has stepped foot in 4 Times Square can tell you that this place is home to every new trend imaginable. If you hang around long enough you just might see it all—from a Valentino ball gown to a legitimate tutu.

Most recently, we discovered the subject that spurred our story, “Men In Heels.” (Click here to check it out.) We spotted Vogue intern Seymor Glass doing photo research in the library, teetering in what had to be at least 5’’ heels. He looked DASHING. I sent him a link to my last story and asked for his personal opinion on the matter—since to me he’s a pioneer, a crusader, if you will:

“I like to think of all the tiny imperceptible neurons that fire in a person's mind when his or her eyes are exposed to what a person person is wearing,” Glass told us. “When I wear heels, I like to imagine that those neurons might fire in a different direction, and that excites me.

Mission accomplished. Our neurons were firing like a fireworks display in a Katy Perry video. And to be the talk of the Condé Nast building? Well, we think that’s what it means to “make it.” Fashion-wise, at least.

Where does Glass get his women’s size 11 shoes? He reported that Nine West and Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg both have a great selection of larger sizes. For this guy, it’s worth the hunt to find something special. Guy shoes just don’t do it for him. “I mean, have you been to the men's department at [insert nice New York store here]? I could practically fall asleep there.” Seymour, we totally feel you.

Men in heels. Where do you stand?

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