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Too Much Information
Say your friend starts yapping away about their crazy weekend in Vegas and things take a turn for the, "Oh god, did I really need to know that?" Just flash a TMI monogram in their face.
What's Up?
Shy about going up to people in bars? Perhaps this will get the conversation started. Maybe somebody will see it out of the corner of their eye and come at you with a, "Oh, not much, what's up with you?" and then you'll live happily ever after in a monogram castle.
S&P 500
For any pessimistic econ major out there, downgrade away young ones, downgrade away.
Par for the Shirt
Spend your days on the fairways at the local country club? Well, if there's any place appropriate for monograms, it's the golf course. Show your love for the game and your well mannered wit with a PAR monogram.
Over the Top
Is your bedroom covered in gold leaf? Do your nails have diamonds on them? Do you have people throwing rose petals at your feet as you walk? Well, perhaps an OTT monogram is right for your solid gold shirt.
Out of Office
For all those who monogram their resort wear, why not try the OOO monogram...perfect for a walk on the Lido Deck. Also, this is appropriate for any of your luggage.
Out of Control
If you feel a little insane at times, actually, at all times and find yourself acting wild and crazy, perhaps you should warn your peers with an OCC monogram.
Laugh out Loud
Hey, we love a good joke, if you do too, add an extra punch line by flashing a LOL signet ring when it's really worth it.
I Don't Care
"Throw your hands up in the air like ya just don't care. And now, when you do, the monogram on your cuff will make it official!
Gotta Go
So let's say somebody did come up to you to chat about that SUP monogram but they're really creepy. Flash your GTG monogram and head for the hills!
For Your Information
This is actually the perfect monogram for a notebook or planner because...both are full of vital information for your everyday life.
Down to F*ck
Warning: for experienced monogram users only.
Big Ducking Feal
Show the world just how important you are, because you are very important and they should know it!
This concludes our monogram slideshow, see you L8R.