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Nail Polish Craze: America Loves Manicures!

And pedicures! Nail polish and nail care sales increased by 57% over the last year!

"Nail color continues to explode in popularity at both color extremes—black for the bolder and pink for the softer touch,” says Karen Grant, a beauty bigwig at market research firm NPD Group.

In other words, whether you’re goth (Chanel “Vamp!”) or girly (OPI “Italian Love Affair!”) you have several poisons to pick from.

, one of my favorite new-ish polish lines, was founded by the incredibly stylish Gina Carney (And I’m serious about the stylish thing—the girl has more Margiela than Barneys). “We don't usually see ourselves unless we are looking in the mirror—hands are the exception,” says Carney. “I need to see neat hands with color that fits my style and mood. I view nails as another fashion accessory—the same way you’d wear a bracelet or a ring.”

I’d have to agree. Just like a good haircut, a fresh manicure and pedicure is often the perfect touch.


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