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Nicki Minaj’s Hair and Makeup at the VMAs: Crazy is the New Cool!

Fairchild Archive

Nicki Minaj looked like an explosion of fun at last night’s VMAs (her inspiration was, in fact, Tokyo and Harajuku). Her pile of bright pink and yellow hair resembled a gauzy wad of cotton candy and her lids—accentuated by a half moon of insanely-bright turquoise shadow—reminded me of Princess Lollipop from that board game Candy Land (that is if Princess Lollipop had lifted all the turquoise shadow from the other princesses in Candy Land and applied all of it combined to her own lids). I can’t help but admire Minaj for wearing such a crazy-house getup, and although I wouldn't wear it, it does move me to be a little more adventurous with my look. I’m getting drinks with a friend at Bowery Hotel on Wednesday, and I think I’ll let Stella Tennant at Giles—pictured left in a beautiful fantasia of gold and blue glinting shadow and stand-out red lips—be my guide. And the secret to intensely sparkly eyes: Hard Candy Glitteratzi Eye Glitter Gel in Frosting.


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