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OCD Facial (DIY!)

I’m extremely camera shy, but I keep winding up in front of the camera. And aside from feigning fake smile after fake smile combined with awkward hand on hip pose (modeling is hard—I swear—mad props to people that actually know how to do this) the part that I most loathe is the heavy makeup. (People touching my face and hair for hours! Help!) I cringe every time they come around for the "touch-up." More powder on top of that powder! All I think about is my pores clogging up and how my once clear skin will soon look like the before picture in a Proactive commercial. From these intense and probably irrational fears, my après photo shoot de-makeup mini-facial was born. It’s only 9 steps—yeah it’s a lot—but if you’re already sitting around watching reruns of Mob Wives what do you have to lose other than a few unnecessary skin cells?

Step 1: Cleanse

I always use Cetaphil. If you're acne prone, shoot for something with salicylic acid, like this one from Kiehl's. And it’s the prettiest shade of icy blue! Bonus points for making the medicine cabinet more aesthetically pleasing.

Kiehl's herbal gel cleanser, $21, Kiehls.com

Step 2: Exfoliate

So after I wash my face once, I add more cleanser to my Clarisonic face brush for an ever deeper—putting my mind at ease—scrub. Whenever someone uses my bathroom they’re always like, “what is that?!” Relax, it’s just a face brush for people who know what’s up.


Clarisonic Mia, $129, Overstock.com

Step 3: Purify

Now that I've gotten rid of all the foundation, the real fun begins. I do a deep purifying clay mask and leave it on for 15 minutes. It will pick up the slack for anything that’s been left behind at this point.

Aesop anti-blemish mask, $49, Strawberrynet.com

Step 4: Exfoliate Again

I know this is excessive but I don’t care. This mask smells so yummy that you'll want to eat it. OK I’m not going to lie, once I put a little bit of it into my mouth and it was sort of good! Chill out, I didn't eat it with a spoon or anything. Jeez. This is so softening. Do not skip this step!

Fresh sugar face polish, $55, Sephora.com

Step 5: Lip Exfoliate

I simultaneously do this lip exfoliant while I have the sugar mask on (previous step). Yes, I’ve tasted this too—it’s sort of unavoidable though. This should really be done once a week at least. And always before you kiss a boy that you like.

Fresh sugar lip polish, $22.50, Beauty.com

Step 6: Resurface

Resurfacing mask—it's like it sounds. After you've exfoliated and cleansed to death, it’s probably best to follow up with something hydrating. This mask smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers—not something floral scented—like, actual fresh flowers.

Tata Harper resurfacing mask, $55, Tataharperskincare.com

Step 7: Hydrate

I’ve had a fear of breaking out from moisturizers since I can remember, but I was so right about this one being worth the risk. It’s so lightweight and I swear that it makes my skin soft and glowy. It’s not in my head. I’ve heard this from other happy customers. And the face of SK-II is Cate Blanchett—best skin in the game—fact.

SK-II cellumination mask-in lotion, $75, shop.sk-ii.com

Step 8: More Hydration

I liberally apply Tata Harper rejuvenating serum all over my face and neck. It feels invigorating in the way that a product containing eucalyptus might feel. It’s almost menthol-y, which isn’t for everyone but I love that tingly feeling. Bonus: anti-aging date extract.

Tata Harper rejuvenating serum, $150, tataharperskincare.com

Step 9: Never Too Much Hydration

Just to be sure, I always add even more moisture around my eyes. The consistency of this Tammy Fender serum is rather gooey, so I only use it at night. But the gooey-ness makes me think that it’s even stronger than a lotion. And Tammy claims that the spiritual benefit is that it “cultivates inner bliss.” Sure, I can go along with that.


Tammy Fender quintessential serum, $175, Store.tammyfender.com

Thanks for letting me give you a facial! Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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