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Oil Spill: The Items That Changed My Skin

Here’s the thing: Everyone is under the false impression that anything touching our skin should be be oil-free. I was once a part of that school of thought myself, but I’m about to prove that theory wrong. If I may compare this to a common misconception (there were many) of the ‘90s when everyone thought being skinny meant eating “fat free” foods—HA! And then everyone got really fat from way-too-large portions of fat-free Ben & Jerry's and Wow! chips. Just like some types of fats, some oils can do a body good. And even make your skin nicer and make you more attractive. And I know you’ll love them if you try them, so don’t be SCURRED!

You’ll notice that my arms in this photo are perfectly shiny, but not greasy looking. Fact. Since I saw this photo, I’ve yet to leave my house without Lierac Blanche body oil all over my body. I’m always tempted to pour a bunch of bottles into my bath and soak in it, until I remember how much it costs at which point I resolve to use it sparingly. And it smells like…heaven. Yes, heaven scent. Pun intended. So just a little bit of this makes your skin look glowy and toned. You won’t look like a sweaty, greasy mess—I swear. And it doubles as hair oil, for when your hair feels dry.


Lierac Blanche Body Oil, $34, Lierac-usa.com

Are you warming up to this yes? Because now we’re rubbing Jurlique oil all over our faces. I was very much against this idea until my roommate forced it on me and now I’m doing you the favor. JUR going to love this one too! You’ll feel softer, like you are retaining moisture, which you are. Hint: This type of behavior is the cornerstone of anti-aging—so the earlier you start up with it, the better.


Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil, $50, Drugstore.com

Masseuses use oil during massages to avoid friction, but also to warm and relax tension in the muscles. This next one does that. You can use it during a massage or you can add it to your daily moisturizer. It’s pretty cool that it’s water-soluble—how’d they do that?! It’s oil! Science!

Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil, $27, Dermalogica.com

So will you try this? Would I ever or have I ever steered you wrong? Please answer honestly in the comments section below. I love you guys almost as much as I love skincare oils.

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