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Park & Bond: A Manly Man’s Shop of Manly Clothes

As the resident man at Lucky, I like to impart menswear wisdom from time to time. That usually means helping a fellow editor pick out a gift for their boyfriend or husband, but this time it comes in the form of a shopping review. Park & Bond, the full-price companion to flash sales site Gilt Man, has hit the interwebs. My webros—that is, the guys I know who write about menswear on the web—have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

So this morning, I hit up ParkandBond.com. The first thing that caught my eye was a tout for personal shopping appointments. I clicked for more info and was given an e-mail address and phone number with which to set up an appointment. Feeling adventurous, I dialed the number. After holding for a bit, I spoke with a Park & Bond staffer and presented him with a dilemma.

I told the eager associate at the other end of the line that I was on the hunt for a coat for fall: nothing too outlandish, something that could last for a few years. He quickly responded by asking me if I wanted to wear it into the winter and I replied that I wanted it to last until early winter, hoping to throw the young style jedi for a loop. Foiled! He mentioned that the site had plenty of options and after asking for my e-mail address, he said he’d be in touch with some more options. Rest assured, there are plenty of choices for me--including a Marc Jacobs and an Alexander McQueen.

Honestly, the menswear market on the web is a bleak place; not until recently have we had decent options. My issue with men’s shopping on the web is that we’re largely relegated to a “Men’s Store” tab. So when something more thoughtful like Park & Bond pops up, it’s exciting. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the site in the coming weeks, but for all you Lucky readers on the hunt for gifts—I think you’ve found the place. Bonus? Check out the blogger shop from Joshua and Travis of Street Etiquette.

Park & Bond

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