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Get Rachel Weisz’s Perfect Brows (Or Pretty Close)

Our cover star’s makeup artist, Genevieve, tells you how.

We here at Lucky admire many things about Rachel Weisz: her personal style, her well-chosen roles (About A Boy, The Constant Gardener and, recently, The Whistleblower to name a few), her taste in men (um, Daniel Craig) and, perhaps not least of all, her perfect eyebrows. We rang up Weisz’s amazing makeup artist, Genevieve, to find out how we can all achieve Weisz-quality arches.

Read on for her foolproof tips and tricks.

How can you get Rachel’s brow look?
Eyebrows like that are born, not made. Eyebrows today are more fuller and natural looking. Careful shaping and grooming helps. Also with the right pencil you can fill them in to achieve bold arches. Your eyebrows should complement your face, and the best way [to find out what that means] is to go to a eyebrow expert.

What products do you use on Rachel to bring out her brows?
On Rachel, I do very little; I just fill in one of them at the end to match her other eyebrow. As you know, brows are rarely symmetrical. I like Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil in brunette.

Any general brow advice for women out there?
Eyebrows should be thicker at the beginning and gradually taper to a semi fine point at the end with a nice soft arch in between. Eyebrows frame your face and are the most expressive part of your face so it’s important to find the right shape that complements your face and stick to it.

What are your dos and don’ts?
1. Go to an eyebrow expert [to find] the right shape for you.
2. Fill in eyebrows that are sparse or if you trying to achieve a better shape.
3. Color your eyebrows at a salon if you change your hair color.
4. Use clear mascara or brow gel for unruly brows.

1. Over pluck (if you pluck too long you weaken the hair follicle so hair won't grow back.)
2. Bleach them at home; they can turn orange.
3. Make them darker than your hair color—it can make you look older and severe. (Unless you’re a blonde. If eyebrows are too pale they can wash out your face).

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