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Style Shocker: American Apparel is great…for the office!

Noelle in a sleeveless lace chiffon dress, $60, americanapparel.net

Remember in middle school, when ninety percent of everyone’s wardrobes came from Delia*s, the (back then) order-by-phone-only catalogue chockfull of graphic baby tees, spaghetti strap tanks, kitschy feathered pillows and monster platform flip flops in every color under the sun?
Today, the wardrobe-supplying role formerly filled by Delia*s is being played by...American Apparel. Yes, the international retail chain perhaps best known for its scandal-prone owner Dov Charney, who loves scantily-clad models as much as he loves a low-cut tank top--is also a go-to stop for workplace attire. The brand’s A-line skirts, crisp button-downs, tailored trousers and feminine separates are totally office appropriate—and we mean an office office, where you’d never dream of wearing shorts to work. We swear, everyone from corporate lawyers to fashion editors (ahem) to modern-day Mad Men and women are rocking AA. Case in point: my colleague Noelle Sciacca showed up at the office today wearing an adorable sleeveless lace American Apparel dress, made ever-so-work-friendly over a black slip and shrunken leather jacket. There are fine dresses, knee-length skirts, pretty blouses and more—at very friendly prices. Click here to see Noelle’s look and other American Apparel office staples below. Just maybe save the brand’s infamous pleather body suits and halter crop tops for happy hour.

Calvary twill high-waist pleated pant, $75, americanapparel.net

Pinpoint oxford round collar short sleeve button-up shirt, $46, americanapparel.net

mid-length circle skirt, $58, americanapparel.net

Women’s blazer, $85, americanapparel.net

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