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The Secret to Taking off Glitter Nail Polish

Those glitter nail polishes—the ones that have actual textured shards of sparkles—are the coolest thing in the world…and the most labor-intensive, infuriating things to take off (you seriously need a sandblaster). I’ve fallen for it so many times—I’m lured by the abundance of festive confetti-like pieces gleaming in the bottle—but then, a few days later when the glitter has run its course and is beginning to blind me and I’m ready to get it off, I can’t. But I’ve recently discovered the magical antidote that leaves my nails pristine, pink, and totally sparkle free: The Stripper Lavender Nail Lacquer Remover from Deborah Lippmann. Just saturate a cotton ball with The Stripper, place it over your nail, and wrap tin foil around it for five minutes to lock in heat and allow for easy breezy sparkle removal. The Stripper comes in a bottle, as well as mitt form (The Stripper to Go: the little mitt accommodates one finger at a time but gets impossible polish off both hands). Totally worth having in your cabinet, and it smells like lavender.


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