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US Open Inspires Inner Prepster

I’m preppy at heart. So, the US Open is kind of like my Super Bowl…if that makes any sense at all. And even if it doesn’t, the Open is a still one pretty big deal, both in the world of sports and, as it turns out, sartorially speaking. I mean, those tennis players get DECKED out. Bling, Crop Tops. Bedazzled spandex. And talk about matchy-matchy.

Still, I have a deep nostalgia for the most conventional on-court traditions. The head-to-toe white. The pleated minis. The simple sneakers. The emblazoned polos. The argyle (or wait, that might be golf).

Traditional tennis garb really is pure prep, in the most classic sense. So while I may not know who the number one seed is (if there even is seeding in tennis), I do know a few crucial stats—namely that love means zero, Maria Sharapova is hot and I’m suddenly craving a visor.

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