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Victoria Beckham Forced to Wear Flats

Fairchild Archive

As difficult as it is to imagine Victoria Beckham not wearing one of those perfect-fitting dresses, it's as difficult to imagine her in a pair of ballet flats. (Doesn't she sleep in Loubs?)

Anyway, due to a slipped disc—ouch!—VB has been forced out of her four-inch-plus heels. (According to the Daily Mail.) As someone who has dealt with something similar—my disc never slipped, but it caused me some major pain—nixing heels, at least for a while, is most definitely the right thing to do.

I prefer Repetto flats above all others, but J.Crew, Sigerson Morrison and Payless all make great versions. I'm particularly into flats with a pointy toe. Luckily, I have our Fall Shoe Guide to reference! Check it out here.

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