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Would You Wear an Ankle Bracelet? Ashley Olsen Does it!

A trend isn’t a trend without an Olsen endorsement. I haven’t worn an ankle bracelet since I made one out of string at summer camp, but then Ash went and turned the tables of fashion around. She took a piece of jewelry, thought to be the epitome of lame, and made you lame if you weren’t wearing one. The anklet (Anklet? Are we using this word?) is happening!

Ashley chose this delicately luxe gold and diamond one by Ileana Makri (such a cool jewelry line; especially if you are into charms of any kind). If you aren’t willing to throw down the big bucks, fake it as best you can. The real masters of this trend choose something that looks as though it could be part of the shoe, so that your strappy sandal and ankle bracelet play off of one another.

Another self admitted anklet lover is Garance Doré, who recently blogged about her shameless use of the infamous accessory, along with a necessary tip:

“Well, I know what you’re about to say: I suppose with a pair of shiny red stilettos, it could send the wrong message. BUT I think that with summer here, with some flats, it’s sensual and incredibly beautiful.”

And there you have it; the ankle bracelet’s unexpected comeback. Get on it!

Gold and diamond ankle bracelet, Ileana Makri, $1,600, Bloomingdales.com

PPNY/GSNY/Splash News

Ashley rocks the double anklet.

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