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Zac Posen Likes to Wear Women's Clothes—as Long as They're His Own Designs

And other fun facts we learned at the Z Spoke store opening.

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Even for a fashion designer, Zac Posen is a dapper fellow. The perennial it-boy is always decked out in pristine-fitting wares, and last night's opening of the Z Spoke boutique in Manhattan's Meatpacking District was no exception. In fact, Posen was actually wearing an item from his Z Spoke collection: a slick silk blouse emblazoned with the contemporary brand's logo.

"I almost exclusively only wear clothing that I make," Posen told us. That mostly means bespoke suits, but does he go as far as dresses or handbags? Or, dare we say, women's heels? "No way. I tested a Manolo heel in like 2001 and that was my last stiletto!"

Let's just say that Posen is so obsessed with his Z Spoke boutique, nothing—not even traditional gender roles—would keep him from showing off these wares. Although Posen has been designing under his own name for about a decade, this is his first retail location. Ever. "I'm incredibly proud," he told us.

Along with the line, which includes everything from a sailor pant to gaggles of pretty party dresses, the sliver of a boutique boasts lots of little personal items, too. Our favorites include fancy French candles from Parfums Nicolai that you can't buy anywhere else in the US and a fashion library curated by book collector Michael Gallagher.

If you're heading to New York for Fashion Week, or perhaps FABB, the Z Spoke shop is a must-see. And if you can't wait until then, check out the fall collection on ZSpoke.us.

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