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30 Lipsticks in 30 Days! Day 28: Kevyn Aucoin Kevyn Aucoin The Rouge Hommage Lipstick in Time

There was no way this could be a fair assessment.

One, this lipstick is from makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin’s posthumous collection—the man was my rock star growing up. I adored his books, his “House of Style” clips and devoured his column in Allure. And two, “Time” is named after a gorgeous song by Tori Amos, one of his dearest friends and one of my absolute favorite musicians. I was holding my lighter up before I even took the cap off.

But from the second I put this lipstick on, it was clear the love-fest was warranted. The rosy-bronze color went on sheer, staining my lips rather than covering them up. Full of nuance, it looked brown in some lights, berry in others. And its sparkly finish was so subtle, it shined like gossamer, not at all like glitter.

The Kevyn Aucoin/Tori Amos double-bill was more thrilling than I imagined, and as a fan, that counts for a lot.

Kevyn Aucoin The Rough Hommage Lipstick in Time, $27, beauty.com

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