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A crotchet vest over a flowing skirt makes twirling around at a Bomba Estero dance party so much more fun.

Major props to any girl who can pull off a fur vest in 90 degree weather.

Keeping it comfortable yet cute in a tomato skirt, flowing pocket tee and a bandana.

An all-out bohemian look for the ultimate Austin flower child.

Cowboy boots, a southwestern print fringe top and a vintage rucksack should make Texas proud.

Fringed moccasins add just the right bohemian touch to a pair of classic Levi's cutoffs.

Horizontally striped bloomers with a vertically striped lace tee make this ladylike look adorably playful.

I spy with my little eye a gorgeous cherry-red top that reveals just the right amount of skin.

A turquoise statement necklace over contrasting stripes takes this "tank and shorts" look to a whole other level.

Combat boots and a vintage floral print stand out in a sea of shorts and flip flops.

Bold meets bohemian with a scarf top, tribal necklace and high-waisted shorts topped off suede ankle booties.

Rockabilly makeup and hair are the ideal final touches to this vintage-inspired look.

A scarf headband and tribal print tank: pretty perfect.

A red bikini top makes a the perfect statement under a cutesy floral dress.

Worn-in ankle boots kick the "effortlessly cool" gear into overdrive.

A quick knot on a lace top over black high-waisted shorts makes fashion functional.

The simple bandeau and beautiful royal blue maxi serve as the perfect canvas for a statement necklace that screams "ultimate cool girl."

In Austin, the hippie in you finally gets a chance to shine. These printed bell bottoms are a wonderfully fresh approach to '70s inspired flares.

This perfect pop of raspberry is refined by a camel belt and simple toned-down tank.

A vintage Mondrian-inspired sweater vest adds just the right amount of hipster flair to this casual look.

Pairing quirky printed shorts with a silky tank was the right move.

Face glitter may be a little too Ke$ha during the year, but come ACL Fest weekend, anything goes.