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Chatting and Shopping With the Glitter Guide

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This past June, Taylor Price, the mind behind Sterling Style, launched a new project called Glitter Guide. We'd been fans of Taylor's blog for a while and were excited to see where the new venture would take her. For those unfamiliar, Glitter Guide is an online magazine for women of all kinds: it covers everything from heath to fashion and aims to inspire creativity as well as to surprise and delight. Well, it's been a few months since the launch, so we caught up with Taylor and Glitter Guide's editor, Alicia Lund.

How did you come up with the idea for Glitter Guide?

Taylor: I love having a personal style blog, but I always knew there would be a day I no longer wanted to document my whole life online. I thought about what I could do for the rest of my life and sharing cool, fun, interesting things/people has always been a passion of mine. There are a lot of websites that do that so I decided to create a site that's about adding sparkle to your day. 

Pretend I have no idea what Glitter Guide is, how would you explain it to me?

Taylor: Glitter Guide is an online magazine that aims to delight, inspire and ultimately make your life sparkle from the inside out. It offers daily features and tips on fashion, beauty, design, shopping, health and fitness.

Alicia: Glitter Guide is a lifestyle blogazine dedicated to providing readers with the latest news and inspiration, from fashion to health and anything in between that we find interesting and "sparkly." It's the perfect destination to start your day while you enjoy your morning latte.

Quick! Your closet is on fire! You have time to grab one thing, what is it?

Taylor: My vintage leopard coat. It's one of a kind and too precious to let burn!

Alicia: I would grab my jewelry stash (my vintage pieces especially, they just can't be left behind).

There are so many style blogs on the internet and so many different women sharing their views on fashion. What makes you take a second look? What grabs your attention? 

Taylor: I like women who are diverse and share more than just what to wear. I want to feel like I have a sense of who she is.   

Alicia: I'm particularly drawn to the photography, how they accessorize, and like Taylor mentioned, blogs that the writer's personality shines through. Bonus points if they make me laugh!

Back to Glitter Guide. Tell us where you see it in say, five years?

Taylor: We want to be a successful lifestyle website and a daily destination. We would love to grow our team and [introduce] new products to engage our readers. We'd love to have a book someday! 

You both have really great style that can’t be taught. We’re curious though, could you give us one shopping tip?

Taylor: Study style. Inspiring images help you know what to look for in stores. I always have my style inspiration printed out in a folder to use as a reference. 

Alicia: Always keep an open mind when shopping. I never like to go with a specific goal in mind because I'll never find it. Think about what you have existing in your closet and how many ways you can mix and match a piece before purchasing it.

When it comes to accessories, are you from the “more is more” camp or the “take one thing off before you leave” camp?

Taylor: It depends on my mood. There are days I love to pile it on but other days I prefer a simple watch or no jewelry at all. 

Alicia: I usually take one thing off before I leave the house and typically prefer one key piece of bold statement jewelry.

What are your favorite spots on the web to find inspiration?

Taylor: Tumblr is my #1 destination for inspiration. I also enjoy Pinterest, Daily Candy and Who What Wear. 

Alicia: I read way too many blogs to list but my daily favorites continue to be: Cupcakes and Cashmere and Who What Wear. I also love to peruse The Coveteur and the Glitter Guide Tumblr (of course) on a daily basis!

When at the grocery store, do you go for the Oreos or the Chips Ahoy!?

Taylor: Neither. I go for Pirate's Booty. 

Alicia: Neither, I go for Ben and Jerry's!

Anything you’d like to share with the LuckyMag.com readers?

Taylor: Believe in yourself and your dreams. Glitter Guide has proved to me that you can turn a dream into reality. There's a quote in She by Kobi Yamada that I love: "She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans." 

Alicia: Everyone should find a creative outlet that inspires them! Not only has my personal blog been fulfilling for me, but I've been lucky enough to make great friends and connections through it (ie: meeting Taylor and helping her with Glitter Guide)!

And of course, since this is Lucky, we had to ask the girls for some pieces they're coveting right now. As you might expect, they don't disappoint.

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