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ChicChild.com: Zara

As you know, we rely on e-commerce to dress both ourselves and our children, and we often lament the fact that click-to-buy is not available from all our favorite designers. So imagine our joy to learn that European powerhouse Zara is now offering its wide array of affordable runway-esque looks! We’ve taken the liberty of doing a little pre-shop, but by all means, browse freely. We sure have been!

Girls and Boys (left to right)

Girl, Check and Stripe Neck Scarf, $19.90 

Girl, Cardigan with Lace Bow, $35.90

Girl, Pinafore Dress with Contrasting Belt, $39.90

Girl, Riding Boot with Buckle, $59.90 

Girl, Flannel Skirt, $35.90

Girl, Corduroy and Faux-Suede Trousers, $35.90

Boy, Dark Wasked Jeans, $29.90

Boy, Suspender T-shirt, $12.90

Boy, Casual Sneaker $35.90

Boy, Woollen Duffel Coat with Toggles, $69.90

Boy, Checked Shirt with Roll-up Sleeves, $25.90

Baby Girls and Boys (from left to right)

Baby Girl, Leather Mary Jane, $39.90

Baby Girl, Bermudas with Waves on waist, $29.90

Baby Girl, Sweater with Yoke Pockets, $19.90

Baby Girl, Riding Boot, $49.90

Baby Girl, Shimmer Dress with Wavy Collar, $39.90

Baby Girl, Structure Coat with Bow at the Back, $55.90 

Baby Boy, Corduroy Suspenders, $32.90

Baby Boy, Twill Checked Trousers with Turn-ups, $25.90 

Baby Boy, Fashion Leather Docksider Bootie, $35.90 

Baby Boy, Quilted Jacket with Corduroy Details, $32.90

Baby Boy, Denim Shirt, $25.90

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