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DvF's Three Rules for Every Woman

Dressed head-to-toe in her eponymous label, designer Diane von Furstenberg just joined us at the Lucky FABB conference to share a dialogue about, well, sharing a dialogue. The designer said she's been a blogger of sorts for years: even before the technology exsisted she regularly kept a journal and connected with her customers on a personal level. Somewhere between showing off her new Harper-Connect bag (the perfect-sized purse that doubles as an iPad case) and sharing Twitter tips (often in between solitaire games), Diane told us the top three things she thinks every woman should know:

1. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you make with yourself.

2. All women should have children.

3. It is very important for women to have an identity outside of their career.

A solemn silence followed these words of wisdom before Diane smiled slyly and said, "The job and children are easy. Husbands are the hard part."



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