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From Fine Little Day: Oh Hama Beads

The following is a guest post from Fine Little Day.

Back to my collections. Hama beads have grown from a hobby into an art form and they're not only for kindergarten kids. As for me, they have become something of an obsession.

This is my collection of Hama bead baskets. This is the most beautiful way to use Hama beads in my opinion. I'm always on the lookout for these baskets, which were common in Sweden in the '70s. I don't make them myself but you can find hints on how to create one the net here, here and here.

Cilla Ramnek is a Swedish artist that frequently uses Hama beads in her art. She makes amazing patterns with them.

Click here to bead an earpiece.

And check out this Hama beads inspiration pool on Flickr.

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