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From A to Y? Saks Plans to Close Plus Size Section Salon Z

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It appears Saks Fifth Avenue is trimming the fat from its Manhattan flagship store...and we don't mean budget-wise. This weekend, my mother mentioned that the famous flagship was going to lose its dedicated plus size section, Salon Z, which stocks designer clothes in sizes 14-24. To be frank, I was kind of surprised to hear it and wasn't 100% convinced, so I rang up the store. A very friendly sales associate confirmed the news with a tinge of sadness.

Timing isn't confirmed, but it won't be long before the 9th floor at Saks loses the Z. The retailer began carrying larger sizes from designers like Chanel and Alexander McQueen just last year.

All this left me wondering: Where else could an industrious shopper find plus size clothes uptown? A call to Bergdorf Goodman revealed that the 6th floor carries up to size 16 and most vendors stock extended sizes, which is comforting. Surely Saks will continue to offer plus sizes for certain brands—and Salon Z will still exist online—but the dedicated brick and mortar floor is gone for now.

Of course, behind every move, there is a motive. One can speculate that the decision to remove Salon Z was purely financial, and one would be right. A spokesperson from Saks noted poor sales on the floor but also mentioned a big ramp up on Saks.com, a silver lining.

I checked in with Lucky Style Collective blogger and plus size fashion queen, Nicolette Mason, to get her take on the whole thing.

"It's unfortunate that one of the only brick and mortar shopping destinations that offered plus-size designer pieces is closing its doors, just as mass retailers (like Old Navy, for example), also move their plus-size offering to online-only availability," said Mason. "It's great to have the option to shop online, but for most plus-size customers, it's the only option, especially if you're looking for something fashion forward. It should go without saying that comes with a whole lot of hassle attached!"

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