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LFW Spring 2012: Unique's Trip Down the Nile

The Scene: Topshop’s back in the abandoned Eurostar terminal, and supermodel Naomi Campbell, DJ Bip Ling, and Olivia Palermo were among those that made the trek south of the River Thames.

The Music: The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian” and Jay-Z’s “99 Bottles”

The Look: From the opening song (nay, from the invitations featuring Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra), the Pharaonic references were aplenty. Down the gold striped runway there were gold hieroglyphics, gold serpents snaking down sweaters, gold leaf combed through the models hair, and gold flatforms so strappy and fancy they could double as evening shoes. Cat prints in the form of the Egyptian Mau drove the message home.

But this was ancient Egypt by way of 90s hip hop, so there were sporty references mixed in too, like hoodies, track pants, and lots of blingin’ gold jewelry. Jewelry that—in full circle—Ms Elizabeth Taylor probably would have worn herself.

The Pieces We Want: Hands down, the glimmering knitwear and the comfy glam shoes. And an appointment with the show’s hairstylist.

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