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Laura Morgan, special projects director

Dear Lucky reader: Please don’t tell my mom I bought these. She will faint if she sees the price. And, actually, I almost did, too. However, I had to have them—the quality of the leather, the perfect shade of brown, the timeless style—all of that made me believe I would love (and wear) these forever.  

Mary Whitlock, public relations coordinator

My friend recently purchased a fabulous Givenchy bag and it's brought on some serious bag envy. And even though I wanted to take the designer plunge, I decided I better save my rent money for the rent. Instead, I opted for this Kate Spade satchel that gives a luxurious feeling without a killer price tag. This bag can fit a pair of ballet flats and an umbrella without weighing me down. And it has a front pocket perfect for whipping out my metro card in a hurry. I think I’m in love.

Karen Wilson, senior digital producer

This past weekend I visited Chicago with my Mom and sister and brought along a copy of our Chicago Guide for shopping inspiration. I stopped by Eskell in Wicker Park, where I browsed through their house line of silk dresses and tops. I picked out this top which I think will look great tucked into a pencil skirt for fall.

Karen Wilson, senior digital producer

At P.O.S.H., an adorable French and vintage inspired homegoods store downtown, I bought this beautiful jadite water pitcher. It’s made from a vintage mold but with new materials. I think it will be perfect for serving mimosas at brunch.

John Jannuzzi, Style Collective editor

I have this thing where I buy coats and nothing else. It's a problem and I am not seeking help. Anyway, I remember seeing this jacket during the fall shows and thinking, "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine," and now it is. Hooray for me. It's the perfect weight for the chillier days of fall and when you layer-up, will be great for sledding and/or winter hijinks.

Fiona Lennon, bookings editor

Smoky Kohl Eyeliner—this is lovely and soft and easy to smudge with a little brush. I got it in grey for  a softer look.

Fiona Lennon, bookings editor

Replacing a similar pair I wore to death last fall. I love a light colored boot and the heel is perfect for walking.

Fiona Lennon, bookings editor

This has a teeny tiny bit of sparkle in it that I love and feels really smooth and moisturizing.

Fiona Lennon, bookings editor

Totally classic. It’s replacing an old Calvin Klein one that I literally wore to death.

Fiona Lennon, bookings editor

Lovely every day color that I apply without a mirror. It's like a fancy lip gloss.

Elle Strauss, senior fashion editor

My daughter Honor, suddenly had a growth spurt (she’s 16 months) which was fantastic timing with Zara going online! Yay! This weekend I basically bought the entire site including this adorable forest green coat with a little bow on the back. I just wish it came in my size.

Bobby Schuessler, special sections assistant

To start completing my list of fall essentials, I ordered a pair of black boots from my new favorite shoe site Bed Stu. This classic option is sleek, yet chunky enough to sport while I walk through Central Park as the leaves change.