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Making Collars Happen: Would You Wear A Dickey?

As our favorite Law & Order detectives (RIP Elliot Stabler) would say, it’s time to start making collars. We’re talking about the dickey; the kind of collar that isn’t attached to anything and slips right under your sweater for an instantly polished, preppy look. If you haven’t thought about owning one, we think you should, because what appears to be a non-functional article of clothing is actually the key to non-bulky fall layering. Alexa Chung knows! This girl doesn’t leave the house without a collared shirt on and if you think there’s never a dickey under that “jumper,” we’re betting you’d be wrong! And we’ve been picking up on tons of sartorially-advanced girls around town who have also decided to “throw a collar on it.”

There are some very cute dickey iterations available right now. It doesn’t get any cuter than these ones from CeCe Toppings. Plaid, gingham, pointy collars, peter pan ones, ruffles, kerfuffles—the world is your dickey-wearing oyster. They’ve pretty much hammered out every option for those daring enough to veer away from plain white.

If plain white is your thing and your still not sure that you can wear these, there’s this genius invention called the Skinny Shirt. It’s like take a baby step towards full-on dickey wearing. The crisp collar is attached to a spandex tank—so everything stays in place—plus there’s an added slimming effect. And if you’re still not convinced—high fashion has caught on. This collared top by Cacharel is not in fact a top, it’s meant to be one incredibly chic dickey.

So will you wear one?! Tell us your opinion of the dickey in the comments below!


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